Google Clips Camera Comes with AI Processing

Google Clips Camera Comes with AI Processing

Google Clips Camera comes with Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU.

The biggest Search engine company Google announced a small and interesting product called Google Clips Camera.

It purely made by the Google which means it has some new features and specifications. Google clips camera comes at $249 price. The biggest and more effective feature is it has support Artificial Intelligence.

With the help of this technology Google Clips Camera capable to shoot 7-second Clip without any human interference.

It has a classic shutter button. A Clips user, only focus the camera on an object and it automatically records a clip with Stable, Clear shots. Each shot lasts 7- Second after taking a shot.

Google said that the Google Clips Camera has a long life inbuilt battery which survives almost 3 Hours in the smart-capture mode.

google clips camera

This camera, not only does shot image and videos, it also selects automatically your best one’s photos, videos and presents it with the help of on-device AI processing.

Google Camera uses Intel Movidius Myriad 2 vision processing Unit, which does On-device AI processing. It is the latest processing unit made by the Intel.

With the help of Intel Movidius Myriad 2 vision processing Unit the camera device capable to reduce latency. Intel MM2 VPU AI unit makes the CLIPS’ hardware more power efficient.

According to TechCrunch, Google planned to train the Clips cameras by taking the help of image raters and video editors.

According to Intel, “TheMovidious Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit technology has been developed to enable low-power and high-performance computer vision intelligence which can be implemented in intelligent devices.”

Finally,Google Clips Camera is an attractive product for everyone who loves Holidays, adventure and peaceful vacation this is also user-friendly for those who love a portable camera device.Just Open it and start taking photos and videos

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